Introducing VITAL - Responsible Staking [VITAL]

Dear Cardano Community!

I’d like to introduce my stakepool [VITAL].
The name Vital stands for a healthy future. This refers to the key principles of Cardano but also for supporting social stability and environmental responsibility.

Key Idea

  • Social Stability: We donate 20% of all incomes to integration projects. This helps increasing social stability in times of refugee camps and integration challenges. Ultimately making the world a safer place for all of us.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Evolve from air-polluting Cryptocurrencies which are based on proof of work, like Bitcoin. Those networks generate significant power consumption. Distributed Prove of stake is far more efficient! Our servers are operated on 100% renewable ECO energy.
  • Network: We are a Single Pool Operator! Thus enhancing the Network Security and Stability of Cardano and avoid centralization through a few big exchanges. Well equipped Servers (4 Core, 16 GB RAM), properly hardened, monitored and maintained.

So far I have not produced blocks so I really would need support from delegators to get the vision to live :slight_smile:

Pool Details

Ticker: [VITAL]
ID: 075a870caa0a0cf20a3c2cf514be05e2064ef1ba71b2381e8f16a09e
Pledge: 25k ADA
Fixed Cost: 340 ADA
Margin: 1%


4 vCPUs, 16GB Ram, 150 GB SSD, 1 Gbit Uplink

Adapools: [VITAL] Responsible Staking | Cardano Staking


Unfortunately my pool did not attract any delegators so far.
To get some more attention from technical affine delegators I updated the architecture to cover high availability now as well.
Hope you consider :). Let me know if there are questions!


  • High Availability (2 Relay, Validator and Hot Standby Validator)

Of course all the aspects which were already covered are still in place:

  • Hardening (details in the Diagram)
  • Monitoring / Alerting (details in the Diagram)
  • Backup / Maintenance Approach (details in the Diagram)

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To make it easier to go with us, as a low saturated pool, we run an introductionary offer. We commit to add to the cardano rewards from a private rewards fund to achieve an average return of 7%. Limited to 2000 ADA.

Details on

Our first delegator arrived! Thank you very much for you trust! You rewards address and calculation details are shown here. You can use this sheet to verify your participation and see details about rewards calculation at the end of every epoch:

Finally some more details about our way to calculate rewards and donations.
Please note that we calculate donations from the turnover, not from the profit after expenses!

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Delegated stake of the first 2 Delegators is getting active tomorrow. :slight_smile:
To provide some more transparency in the Rewards calculation and Timing I reworked the calculation excel.

This data will also be exposed to our Mobile App. This will make it more easy to take a look into your Data and some overall stats. Stay tuned!

The app is now available at [Vital] Responsible Staking
It is a progressive web application, so basically a website which can be installed.

To install it

  • Just navigate with you browser to the URL
  • The app will ask you if you want to install it on your home screen.
  • If not, open the browser menu and use the Action “Add to Home Screen”.


  • BETA - The App is in an early development phase
  • Please let me know if you find any issues with the app or shown data
  • Some features will be added soon like Explanations and Contact Info

App Update

  • Rewards Statistics including lifetime rewards and history
  • Private Fund Statistics to show details about the remaining fund.

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We just launched our new Branding for the Website, and also some slight changes on the Mobile App
Check it out:

And some other good news: Our first native payout will happen tomorrow for the delegators which joined us in Epoch 251! You’ll read about it and I’ll also share some statistics about it here.

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It’s rewards day! No block? No problem! We just paid our first round of 7% Add-On Rewards. Find the details about our offer here:

As soon as we hit the first block we can reserve some ADA to the Donation fund. First Project which we want to support is Lobby16, which help refugees to get the needed education with the final goal to get a job and being fully integrated.

Rewards Day - 2021-03-23

Lucky chance for 75% ROA or 7% stable? We make sure your delegation gets rewarded while you help us to grow our pool. The earlier we catch our first block the earlier we can start donating. 20% of the profits are reserved for social stability projects.

It’s rewards day! No block? No problem! We just paid our first round of 7% Add-On Rewards. Find the details here:

We just paid our another round of 7% Add-On Rewards. With the current stake we’ll be able to continue the offer for 48 more Epochs! Find the details here:

Current usage of the Private fund: 13% reserved. So still enough budget to keep the 7% up for another 47 Epochs (or more as soon as we mint a block).

To be even more competitive we now lowered the Margin to 0.5%, which acutally does not make a difference because we anyways add private rewards to match 7% :wink:

We are part of the Mission Driven Pools. After participating in the first meetup I’m very happy to be a part of this. So many good pools out there, each fighting for a good purpose.

To give our delegators a realistic view on how long the 7% can be kept up we did some math.
With the current active stake every block which is minted will extend the timeframe for 5 additional Epochs.
Based on that 38 more epochs are calculated in an average luck scenario.
Currently we got a block chance of 10% with 105k active stake.
Find out more:

We just published our first update with a summary of what happened since we launched the pool 3 month ago. Beside of the below mentioned highlights we also share our thoughts on the relevant next milestones and our perspective on the Mission Driven Pools Alliance.


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This is how the new Hybrid Cloud Architecture looks like:

Find all our tech details here: VITAL - Tech Specs

And we also paid another round of 7%.

We took the weekend tip and accumulated some more pledge.
Now up to 33k.

Hope we will get lucky sometime. With our Livetime stake of 1.4 million we are rather unlucky to have not been assigned with a slot so far. Some time we will be chosen :wink:

Due to a heavily increased active stake our 7% offer will be finished already in epoch 272.

To guarantee best-in-class rewards we introduce our Best Rate Offer for all existing and new delegators. This offer is based on sharing the fixed cost of 340 ADA with our delegators to match the average top 100 pools rewards rate. We add 5% to define a benchmark rate (currently 5.16%) which we achieve by dynamically calculating how much ADA will be distributed. Currently 321 of the 340 ADA would be shared leading to an average return of 5.16%.

This approach allows us to compete with the big pools and continue growing while providing competitive returns to our delegators. Please note that not every epoch blocks will be generated and fixed income only will be shared if a block is generated (currently every 2-3 epoch with an active stake of 500k).

Find out all details in our delegator update: Pool Updates | VITAL Stakepool - Responsible Staking