Hello to everyone from Boston!

I am a retired commercial fishing boat captain, Love the crypto community !


Welcome to the cardano forum!
Just out of curiosity, what kind of fish did you generally go out for?

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Damn, I also wanted to ask what kind of boats you used to go on, but kinda hesitated :slight_smile: This stuff is exciting!

Btw, welcome @dbelforti!

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Commercial fishing is on my bucket list of jobs I would like to do :grinning:

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Hi @dbelforti and welcome to the community

Hi Vantuz
I fished form 1962 as a young boy in a small 10 ft boat. Over the years my boast became larger up to 86 ft, and I sailed further off shore. Year around North Atlantic. Cod flounder, lobster, squid. I really enjoyed my time out to sea. Now retired with no retirement cryptos showed up just in time. : ) !!

All the best Dan

Thank you im delighted to be here

Welcome to Cardano Community! :cardano:

Welcome @dbelforti :slight_smile: