Hello! We are ELLIPAL Cold Wallet - New Cardano Wallet - Glad to join the family! :)

Hello All!

We are ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet - anti-Tamper, metal Sealed, fully air-gapped cold wallet with mobile support.

Since the beginning of this month, we added support to ADA to our hardware and mobile wallet. The response has been great from the community so we decided to join here and say hello!

So why is storing ADA in the ELLIPAL very secure? The best quality about the ELLIPAL is that it is completely air-gapped meaning it cannot be connected to any networks or devices. This makes it impossible to perform any remote or network attacks. This is all possible because ELLIPAL uses QR code to transfer information with ELLIPAL mobile App, easy and secure in one step :wink:

You can check out the mainfunctions of the ELLIPAL here:

Also check out our newest model - we added Anti-tamper proof hardware to prevent physical attacks:

Happy to get to know all of you!
Thank you!


I’ll definitely be getting one of your devices to try thank you! Have you all given any thought regarding enabling Cardano staking through your wallet? Thanks!


Yes, our wallet will enable staking - it is still all under development so we can’t reveal much but we will also add Cardano in there!!!


Welcome @ellipalwallet!


Добрый день. Меня зовут Алексей я из России. Подскадите будет Ваш кошелёк работать на андроид, будет ли Русский язык и ещё хотелось бы узнать возможно будет пополнить кошелёк картой viza и обменять на кардано? Зарание огромное спасибо за ответ!!!

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Добрый день, Алексей! :slight_smile:

Да, у нас есть Android-версия кошелька Yoroi, русский язык доступен. Вот ссылка для загрузки https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emurgo

На данный момент функция пополнения кошелька фиатными средствами отсутствует. Вы можете купить Ada на бирже с помощью карты VISA и указать адрес, сгенерированный в кошельке Yoroi для перевод монет туда.


Hello! Nice to meet you!

I am interested in ELLIPAL hardware wallet.
Because we are going to support staking.

I look forward to the progress of ELLIPAL!