Hello World from Long Beach

Hi - My name is Brad from Long Beach - I am a newbie with blockchain technology. Hoping to learn more about Cardano…


Hello Brad! My name is Ashley, and it is my pleasure to Welcome you to this forum and great vibrant community! Everyone on the forum are very insightful and informative, so your questions wont be short answers :slight_smile: All the best

Hello CryptoFox!!! Thanks for your warm welcome… I am currently going though the beginners topics so I can avoid asking the same questions - any link recommendation that will jump start my research? Thank you in advance…

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Hi Brad, welcome to this forum.

If you haven’t read this yet it’s a good place to start to get the big picture and some specifics as well.

The PDF version is 44 pages.


hello canopus - thank you! I will go over the material thanks again…

Welcome @brad1518, feel free to ask any questions you have.

Thank you Bullish!!! will do :+1::+1:

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Hi Bard from Long Beach.

Hello HisMajesty!!! :wave::wave::wave:

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Hi Brad! I was just listening to some old school Snoop about LBC. I supposed you are in California. Doesn’t matter where you are. Welcome!!