Hellow from Chile チリからよろしくお願いします Saludos desde Chile

Hi everyone im new here
im looking forward to learn about cardano and how to become part of the community
are there other members from latin america?


Welcome! Chile is a beautiful county!

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Thank you, I hope there are some Chileans around

I believe Nico the CTO of Emurgo is from Chile.


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omg ! thats so cool
so far i been reading a lot and i think i have to keep studying to understans more

so you visited chile? where did you go? how long ago since august of last year my country is more beautiful than ever,

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It’s been several years since I was last there unfortunately. I went down for the Vina Del Mar festival. I had some work there with Chilevision.

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viña is cool really cool
btw do you know kike salazar ?? he could been into the production team of chilevision if this was some years if not nevermind haha lol
thanks for your kindness

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Don’t think I met him but it’s possible as it’s obviously a big event. Crazy show… nonstop for a couple of weeks.

Hola tocayo :wink: Bienvenido. Ya eres parte de la comunidad hispana. Te paso los espacios donde podés participar:

Grupo general en Telegram: https://t.me/CardanoEsp
Grupo de trading en Telegram: https://t.me/CardanoTradeEsp
Canal informativo en Telegram: https://t.me/CardanoAZ
Canal de Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_fc4Qy1qVIO7A0pqU5AoQ

Y dispones de un compendio de artículos educativos en español para que puedas instruirte sobre el proyecto aquí:

Y por supuesto, cuentas con este foro.


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hermano pero que apoyo,muchas gracias
estoy revisando las guías y quizas en una semana pueda tener un node arriba, es posible en este momento? estoy conciente del snapshot pero tengo dudas sobre el test de recompensa y correr un node o es lo mismo?

Hello Rodrigoi!

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