Hi from Brooklyn, NY!

Hi guys! Nice to e-meet you. My name is Nico and I’m a chilean living in NY. I currently work for Emurgo (part of Cardano).

I’m happy to grab coffee with whoever wants to talk in BK or Manhattan. We can talk about anything except prices :slight_smile:



Awesome! another knickerbocker! Glad to have you here @emurgo_nico


welcome, I’m in Bed-Stuy! My lease is over at the end of the month though so my wife and I are moving.

where we wont have to worry about rent :slight_smile:


p.s. I’m also from Chile jajaja, been in the states for 23 years. Viva Chile Mierda!

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Nice to see someone close to home. I swing through Brooklyn from time to time to visit family. Currently call Vermont home.

On that subject, Vermont is looking to pass blockchain Personal Information Trust Company legislation this session. It’s a first step. I like Wyoming’s law. Vermont seems to want to create a single application, whereas Wyoming is defining “utility token”, which can be used for any type of applications.

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Nice! and coffee is on me! if you ever want to meet :smiley:

jajaja la raja!! :smiley: Cacho que cambiarse de depto es super estresante. Cuando estes instalado en otro lugar, tal vez nos podemos juntar? Vivo en Crown Heights :smiley:

Yes moving can be stressful but the hunt is over…we have found a place.
Also, yes I agree about meeting coffee or Sushi @ Silver Rice? I love Silver Rice. mmm Salmon sushi bowls. con palta.


Hey @emurgo_nico!
Welcome to Cardano Community :slight_smile:
What’s your job with Emurgo?


Sushi! yass!! I live pretty close to Silve Ricer in Park Place. Let’s do that soon :smiley:

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Thanks Chris! I’m an entrepreneur in residence at Emurgo. I help reviewing investment projects and I do some technical stuff.

Let’s grab sushi soon! Im craving silver rice.

Forget “silver rice :rice:,” try “black rice!”

Super healthy

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Smithtown in the house.

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Welcome @emurgo_nico

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me too! maybe tomorrow or thursday?

an nyc meetup would be great


let’s do this sushi thing hahaha

Welcome Nico! Nice to e-meet u as well lol

An NYC meet up informal or otherwise would be great!