Hey Cardano community! Hello from CCI!

Hey guys! I’ve been invested Cardano for a while now, and I am glad to be here!

I’m on the team at CCI, which is the largest crypto investing community in North America on FB- Cryptocurrency Investing (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CCInvestingCommunity/) 140k members. On all of the groups affiliated with CCI, it totals around 450k people, making it one of the largest networks in the world. We would love to have Cardano on our platform to do a video interview, and help educate investors about your project and why ADA is such a powerful tool for the future! We are willing to do this interview completely free of charge!

Not sure where to go about talking to the team about this, but if someone could point me in the right direction that would be fantastic! I can email someone on the team details about our metric and reach if that’s possible.

Thanks everyone!
Mark Anstead


Hi Mark!
@tom.kelly is most likely the person you would like to connect with,as the Marketing & Community Manager he should be able to give you the best answers concerning your request for interview, just send him a message on the forum here.

I would suggest that you share some interviews that have already been done, Charles Hoskinson has done numerous educational interviews and those video’s will shed some light on the subject of Cardano and the technology behind it.
Also https://www.cardano.org/en/home/ has all the information needed for someone to get started with Cardano and is a great place for someone to learn about the resources and developments.

Hope I have been some help.

Hey Chris! Thanks so much for the help. It is much appreciated! I’ll definitely try to reach out to him about it.

If it ends up working out I’ll definitely try to share the interview on here for everyone to check it out :slight_smile:

This might sound a bit childish, but I am very new on this forum and I actually can’t figure out how to directly message him on here haha @anon20038177

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I wholly understand, been there myself once, in the upper right corner of the screen there is a round image of your avatar, click on that and then the messaging option will be the envelope, click on that and start a new message to a user by adding the @ before the name of the user you wish to message. :+1:

It isn’t letting me send a message to a custom user :frowning: My only hope for it to work is that Tom sees this thread and is able to message me haha. I appreciate your help though, thanks Chris!

Hi Mark, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:. I bumped you up to user level 1 basic, now you can send DM’s. Currently new users can’t send any as a security precaution to avoid scammers and phishing attacks on other forum members.