Hey from Italy!

Hi everyone,

I’m Preston. I’ve been following Cardano for awhile and have become increasingly interested in the technology. I’m looking forward for things to come!

I’m from the US, lived in Japan, currently living in Italy. Crypto was just igniting around my time in Japan so I didn’t see much regarding it, but having moved to Italy I often see a lot of minor Crypto exchanges, a few bars in the area allow Crypto for purchases, and a couple ATM’s here and there. So it’s definitely expanding.

I’m extremely interested in Cardano’s roadmap, it’s something I’ve been paying close attention to.

Nice to meet all of you!


Welcome to :cardano: community @Preston! Great to have you!

Welcome to the community.

Welcome @Preston :slight_smile:

HiPreston This is Philip aka Torque from USA
I Love the sincerety of CH endevour but i di feel he he may be try to kick a field goal in a stadium that everyone left a year ago from boredom and waiting for an idealistic world to arrive.
Idelealism is just a dream a concept in any area ,one must go in stages instead of deliverying a totally finished project,I am fully invested and hope hhe gets his act together

You’re talking to people who haven’t left, are extremely unlikely to do so, and don’t believe many others have either.