Hi, I am Darius

Hi everyone,

My name is Darius. I have been investing into numerous cryptos for a long time now. My main objective was never for capital gain but I love the idea of decentralized systems. I think the free market needs tools like this to be able to function honestly. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone. I also just wanted to ask a question which may make me look dumb lol. What is cardano’s goal for the end of 2018 and how much have they progressed toward it so far? If you could add some resources for me to read/watch I’d appreciate it. Thanks and nice to meet & be part of the community.



IOHK is transparent about goals and progress:


Hi @ambitious (Darius) and welcome to the forum

@ambitious Welcome to the community Darius!

Hello and welcome @ambitious :slight_smile:

Hello Darius, welcome onboard :+1:

Nice to meet you too Darius! I humbly welcome you to the Cardano community. No question is not worth asking on this forum. For those, and if there are any that criticize our questions, i pity the foo ( to quote Mr. T haha)

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