Hi. I'm Korean investor

I have some questions.
Are you still upgrading ADA?
When will I receive the 9% bonus?
Little by little faith is disappearing.
Any good news yet?

Are they still in development, well yes, they are. If you mean earning 9% by staking. That will come with the Shelley update around the end of June.

Sorry, but I have to inquire… Did you do at least a small amount of research? Because these things are all pretty well known to the public, you can check out the Cardano roadmap and see the progress IOHK has made

You can search on any of the social media sites including this forum and they will provide you with the same information.

If however, you can’t wait around for the Shelley update, maybe it’s best you sell your investment.

Personally I would invest more at these prices, you can thank me this summer if you do decide to hodl :wink:.

Best of luck to you and your investment.


I dont think it will be 9% interest for staking at all… I think it is going to be much lower… If it ends up being 9% that will only be for the first year or two, more realistically it will be 0.50-4%… I know this sounds low to people in the cryptospace and this will disappoint a lot of people but we simply have to be realistic - the point of staking is not to hand over free money, it is to encourage staking for the network to work - The more active the network is though, the more potential staking reward but eventually when all the remaining supply has been minted it will be only a % of the fees that isn’t used for development.