How a bear market starts, and ends

The anatomy of a bear market

Stage 1. The first fall… Signs of danger, brushed off, all fun and games, very cute (misidentified as a correction)

Stage 2. The surprise escalation… You take the hit, but you still hang in there… Confidence is shaken… But still brushing it off.

Stage 3. Just when you think its all over… The final strike and panic ensues… Confidence is lost… Fear kicks in… SELL SELL SELL…

This is what the 3 stages look like in real life.

  • Some facinating footage anyhow.

That’s some crazy stuff !..I am already feeling sad for the people that got hurt !..:cry:

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Yeah definitely some amazing footage…

That is kind of crazy footage, I can’t imagine being so close to an explosion like that.

SELL SELL SELL SELL! Lol! perfect, and it looks like an explosion when it happens.

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You ever start to get that feeling that were at 48-50 seconds into the guy’s film?


Wow @jb455 you called that right 2 days ago. Are we on the second or third explosion today? I hope it’s the last one.

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Well a bunch of us have been epic saxing all the way The second wave of the bear is here! ADA to 0.10!?

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I think we are dangerous

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I dont see anything here about how the bear market ends…that just looks like three seperate stages of how it begins