The second wave of the bear is here! ADA to 0.10!?

Lets kick in this second wave of the crypto bear-market with some Epic Sax.

Nothing is as exhilarating as a good bear market, let the carnage begin, time to purge weak hands and bad projects.


I think I laughed too hard at this… Then again, maybe it was just enough.

No amount of enthusiasm can justify that video


:rofl:…that’s just tooooo funnyy !!..indeed…by the end of the carnage (next couple of months, I think); I would like to see everything else disappear and only the top 250 coins survive. currently lists 1548 crypto’s, It would be very nice if 1,298 of them tanked and disappeared

Thanks for the weather update.

The Pied Piper is at work here!! Hahahaha!

We know who the rats are.

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If we go from continued correction into all out collapse, where will ADA find organic support?

.02 cents USD. And I will buy a truck load.


You cant predict what it will be since it is a real adaptive thing, that is impossible beforehand, but there will be indicators once we get closer to it. I mean it could turn around tomorrow, Its just highly unlikely.

It will end once we reach maximum pain - the lower we go the easier it will be to sustain and support prices.

For comparison, litecoin could sustain 100-300 Million USD market cap during the long bear… So I think 500M-1B market cap is a strong investment support point… There wont be any organic support since no product yet, but there will be investment support at a certain point…

I think Cardano would have more support than litecoin in that period so I would say 500M to 1B market cap… But the closer we get to it, the easier it will be to support… There are two ways it can play out, a quick and extreme flush out, or a long and drawn out flush out… Whatever it takes to inflict maximum pain (the market will automatically find this point)

That does not mean we are going that low, but it certainly could.

The less market-cap the less people and money it takes to sustain a price… thats why eventually it is only strong hands holding, they have sucked up all the weak supply.

and that is only if we assume that there will be a next bull of course… But great signs are once we start seeing declined interest, people giving up, and lots of pain… Then we can start finding some more solid support…

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I’m guessing we find this around .10-.15

Then again, I would have put money on it that we had found a bottom around .28-.30.


If its a short-bear, but if this will be long, then I dont think .15 can do it at all… I dont really see .15 is enough to break the optimism… and also I am looking at Bitcoin, if bitcoin drops to like 1-2k, then it will drag ADA down with it…

Which would probably land us around 0.05-0.10 - then everyone apart from ICO holders would be in red.

Yes that was kind of answer I thought I get. Obviously I know the future cant be predicted. When I say collapse obviously i mean the market as whole and by the market as a whole i mean bitcoin. The question is if we see bitcoin go down to 4 or even 2 what can we expect from ADA? to clarify. Anyways I wont say 10 cents is coming cause I dont want to jinx it for you.

If bitcoin goes down to 2k, ADA will go down more in % thats why I came up with the 0.05-0.10 - we will eventually get less attached to Bitcoin but for now that is the entry/exit point, so it controls the overall market.

I guess I’m buying all the way down then!

By the looks of it if we go down even to 6 ada will get near 10 cents. But at some point there has to be some"investor" demand that is not relative to the rest of the market.

The reason is, we have to go down more than Bitcoin or Ethereum, or even other projects that are more simliar is there is a large JPY ICO supply that will come on the market, they will be “flushed” out too… Some have already left… Bitcoin has already had that already, so it is more pure… Remember ADA has never had a bear-market this is its first one, thats why it will go down more than coins that have been on the market… Because ICO holders have never been involved in one of these cycles… That is why we are going to get “extra” supply coming into the market this first time around.

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Did anyone see that ADA went to 1.36 for a minute or so today? World trade index didn’t even record this for more than an hour or so.

what you taliking bout willis?

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#Metoo cannot help myself.

I mean i checked the price and it was .22 or so. Read an article and just happened to look again as I was closing tabs. There it Sat at 1.36 and something like 430% up on the day. It left it as the 24 hour high for about another hour or so. It was around 1130 or 12ish US central time.