Klaxon Horn Going Off

Dive dive dive,sell sell sell , ADA indicating a retrace to less than 4 cents. Unload NOW NOW NOW.Buy back in later.

On which indicators? Please elaborate, because that’s not what I’m seeing.


Moved to trading because I think he is referring to the triple-fibonacci-flip-flop-dead-cat-trap-resistance-tan-line or something like that.


Major demand at 0.04 big failure to maintain current levels coming up

Yes the oscillation of fibinachos


That’s interesting. Thank you.

I’ll say there is major support at .04. If it gets that low I’m buying more in a heartbeat!

Looks like the bulls are still out so far though…

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Ok get ready.lts just gone up 5.61% It’s about 10.8 cents AUD.See if it can get to 11 cents AUD then flog it.And just sit and wait till it retraces to buy back.Or flog it now.Little fish are sweet.

Ok,Mike l just bought 300,000 and sold at 0.003 profit so that’s $900 in a few hours.

Now quickly down to 0.107AUD.Now sit and wait

Now l misjudged. I think go down more from 0.107 but go back to 0.11,so l miss this opportunity.

What on earth are you blabbering about?


That is an excellent question. Thank you for asking.

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It keeps going up…Now what? :joy:

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If you’ve been in the market long enough you may remember how it was going down last year and people thought “it will go back up now”…

It kept going down until the staunchest of its supporters started doubting themselves—that was the BEAR market.

Well now, after much disappointment, we are saying “it’s up but it sure must come down”. However, it probably won’t—this is the BULL market.


I am unsure what impact all these Cardano announcements about polymesh,Ethiopia etc will have on ADA.People are buying partly cos of this,but nothing really has changed, have to hope Shelley changes things and attracts many users to the blockchain.

They are not buying because of that.

Last couple days most altcoins have had a great run and nice gains in price.

It’s not ADA because is special or because of those reasons you mention. It’s been most coins.

Can’t really see why ADA should keep climbing past current levels without Shelley

It’s not ADA climbing. They are most altcoins. It’s alt season. Will be for a few days.

Please keep the words appropriate. Thank you.

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