How can I get in touch with address owner

How can I get in touch with address owner:

addr1qxy0fzg632u87m2jr8yp70psshzunf254092qqkfwpyk87wqqh3d6f34nsx0n0aan6zd68qk08dndpp4zuhnc8w3stuqhcwffw ?

Does someone has a reference on how to contact this address owner? Many thanks to the community for your help.

There is no way other than Google search and hoping that the owner published it somewhere.

Here you can see other addresses belonging to the same staking key, to that same user:

You can send a message with a transaction or mint an NFT with your contact request and send it to that address, but there is no guarantee the owner will even look at it.

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good idea :slight_smile:

Does not seem very active.

Last actions were a Catalyst registration months ago, a redelegation to one of the SundaeSwap ISO pools last month and this one transaction on the given address that looks like a withdrawal from an exchange.

Mostly holder, I suppose.

It would be nice if you could under certain circumstnces like if you accidentally sent coins to the wrong recipient. Someone dod and wrote about it. But it could be a bad idea. Chances are that scammers would find a way to exploit this new communication channel. It could be used to send spam, threats or similar.

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