How do we get through pre-ico joiners?

I’m upbit users and I’m waiting for withdraw function.

I’m concerned about ico joiners who had lots of ADA coins. (Especially, Japenese)

If they sell their coin when Current exchanges opened, Maybe it will be a chaos.

of course, dividend and daedalus wallet will make it released but,

We cannot neglect the possibility of this problems.

How do we get through this fluctuations?

Should I sell this coins proper times?

I don’t understand the question, why should these people suddenly sell up?

I think, what @dh_Kim is trying to express is a justified fear.
It is not unrealistic that some high-stake holder decides one day to cash out all gains, which would cause a massive price drop. But unfortunately I think there is no way to avoid this.
That is and will always be a risk.