How do you tie a NFT to a image?

I want to create 999 unique images to sell for a good cause. I am curious how to create a NFT with 999 unique images tied to it.

I’ve been trying to do that too. The answer is in metadata (you can associate a url, description, etc with a token), but it seems that service is not live yet. This repo has a command line to help you create the file, but you can’t submit it anywhere yet:


I knonw SPACEBUDZ did it so its possible., did you use cardano-metadata-submiiter for your purpose above? Thanks

What is that?

I think that’s what they mean: GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-metadata-submitter: A library and CLI for manipulating data for the Metadata Server CIP

Just a heads up, it’s deprecated - instructions about the replacing component are available there too.