How to: Add 'Cardano' as a tag on

As you know, we are growing our community presence around the globe and we want to make it easy for any new Cardano supporters to find us and all of you.

If you manage a Cardano group, you can update your Meetup Group details to include ‘Cardano’ as a topic. This helps your group to be more easily searched.

To see a list of Cardano meetup groups, check out this page!

Instructions on how to do this:

  • From your Meetup group’s homepage, select the three dots and select Manage group
  • Open the Topics section
  • To add a topic, enter it into the field, in this case: “Cardano”. Select it and click save.

Full instructions here.


But please it’s compulsory to create an online meet-up group from your country? Or you can do meet-up without creating a meet-up group online?

Hello @alhassan9 ! You can organise a meetup without using but if possible we are trying to encourage people to do so.

It really helps the groups and meetup’s visibility and also means we can easily link to it to help promote it.

If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best wishes,

Jon :slight_smile: