How to add CNTOOLS to existing node?

I have an existing node on MAINNET that I installed using the Stakepool247 instructions. Great. But I have been advised to use CNTOOLS to manage it, and would like to add that to the existing node.

Are there some simple instructions in how to do this? I found a script that seems to want to install and build a new node - but mine is already operating.

I was thinking, if CNTOOLS is either a script or binary CLI, then I can load it to a folder, maybe set up some config to show which folders everything exists in, and go.

you must follow the steps from cntools guide… after the folder structure is created move the db and the bin files to the right location and should be fine

  • Bin files should be moved here ${HOME}/.cabal/bin/cardano-node
  • db should be moved here $CNODE_HOME/db
  • then edit config.json file (tracemempool to true), topology updater (add custom peers), env file (cnode port) and run ./ (presa Y for topology updater and keep the default restart timer)
  • then clean the old folders, files, etc


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Yeah, thanks! That may be the way to go.