How to build ADA value and increase its trading price

Anyone can stand on the sidelines and speculate, among them are the cheerleaders and the nay-sayers. I, personally, have never been able to sit idle as a spectator when I have a passion for something. We all have our talents and one of mine is to be able to see how I can contribute value, then it becomes easy. So here are some thoughts about “HOW” to build ADA:

The two measures of a currency are 1) its Utility and 2) its Stability . A clear explanation of these measures is at Generation 1,2,3,… blockchains and where they are heading posted by @Mastercore. As these two factors increase, the demand for the currency increases, which drives its trading price up. I hope this simplifies it for everyone.

So this leaves us with the Question: How does ADA become usable in people’s everyday lives?

In my view, this is about paychecks. If you are out of work (like millions of people are right now) and someone offers you a job that pays you in ADA, the first question is: Can I buy my food and pay my rent with ADA? Initially the answer is, No. But the employer shows you an Interchange (not an exchange) where you can get USD for your ADA (1 to 1). As soon as the first worker converts their ADA for the same amount of USD there is an actual economy in operation. This is because Goods or Services were produced by ADA.

If you can imagine that happening once, then multiply it ten times, a hundred, a thousand times. With a thousand people making their living and getting paid in ADA a demand begins to grow for merchants to take payment in ADA. The worker says: Why don’t you just take ADA so I don’t have to convert it? The merchant says: Hmm, I will have more business when I take payment in ADA!

When Merchants and Manufactures are using ADA: What need is there for USD? Well some, like paying taxes (everyone’s favorite). :face_vomiting:

Please make comment, I’m very interested in hearing what everyone thinks are the problems or hurdles to creating the flow of goods an services with ADA.

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I think that with FinTech companies like Square and PayPal building bitcoin capabilities into their platforms we may be seeing the first steps of this. It doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch for those companies to add crypto payment capabilities onto their already-existing merchant services systems, and then for crypto wallets like Yoroi to build quick-payment (or contactless payment) capabilities. A consumer could then have a crypto wallet as a dedicated “checking account” that is tied to their contactless payment (like a debit card), and then have other, more shielded, wallets for savings.

And merchants could then have the option of keeping payments in crypto, or converting it to USD (or other currencies), all within their neobank. It seems to me that the Squares and PayPals of the world are already thinking this way, which is exciting. The more adoption of this from the FinTech side would ultimately lower conversion rates of currency to other currency. AND the beauty of crypto means that there is so much less danger of “checks bouncing” or invalid payments, plus without the intermediary banks these payments are available to the merchant much sooner (or instantaneously), making their cashflow cycle all the smoother.

Send emails to square and paypal.
Like a community mass email.
there is tens of thousands of us… in just a few years

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Gougen Gougen Gougen. Smart contracts and DApps need a backbone to run on. This the backbone is Shelley. Realize there is no other POS out that is fully distributed. The price is not going to rise until real world apps are running on Shelley. Gougen.

So if you want to help make Ada rise in price. Start working on DApps. So that when Gougen goes live, we’re solving real world problems, that’s has value which in turn should cause Ada to rise.


I’m with @Montna_Jim on this. Dapps are the answer. It’s perhaps a little naive (or utopic?) to believe that western economies’ taxation systems and central bank currencies can be replaced or enhanced by ADA anytime soon. Maybe in 30 years things will look different because crypto as a space between now and then solved a lot of other problems that prove the viability of Crypto for governmental taxation and currencies. But even then, I would strongly believe the governments build their own crypto rather than use a public ledger such as ADA’s. National interests may restrict global adoption, after all, look at how the world responded to Corona, instead of reaching out to help and share (vote on) resources it turned into shutting borders and nations competing for resources, pulling in different directions. Humankind isn’t mentally ready to get rid of borders and sort problems so long as we believe power resides at the top and not at the edges. Crypto may become catalytic to that though -in a few generations in parts of the world, maybe. If you think about voting rights… take for example the expensive space programs/endeavors of developing nations where lots and lots of tax money is shot into space to show off technological prowess while a large proportion of the population struggles to get food on their plate every day or educate their kids. What would that population vote for were it able and asked about where to invest the next X billion cash? Infrastructure, schools or space rockets? (to name a random few) :smiley:

So until then -while we look at the moon and starts- let’s keep our feet on the ground and focus on innovation and dapps to provide more immediate real world benefit to many people?


@Timberlane I believe we are witnessing, and part of, the future being created right now, and we’ll notice a lot of significant changes over the next 2-5 years, for sure, you’re right. :v:t4: :grinning:

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You want the market price to increase? Then buy more and HODL! Reduce Supply! :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Or you can always delegate to pools which help expanding the word, developing apps, translating and doing everything so Cardano can reach new audiences. Hint, hint :smiley:

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Your right Melanie We really are!!

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Hi! and thanks. Hope all is well with you! :smiley:

Right now, there is a vertical framework that can build on top of the (proof of concept)-(store of value) base layer. Assuming Goguen and ERC-20 translation release by the end of the year, we should really be fully interchangeable with DeFi, forex, and real world productivity (content creation economy) by the end of 2021.
Also, btw, we should really find a way to bridge over to the Brave Browser community, as those users will be exposed firsthand to cryptoeconomy.