How to create a new blockchain from source code Cardano?

Hello. I need to create a separate blockchain with your name, logo and the ability (at least through the API) to create tokens in this blockchain.
I looked at the sources of the Cardano projects, but to be honest, I didn’t understand in which file to change the name, logo, port, etc., just to change the brand.

To be honest, I’m not just a beginner, I’m in the) infant stage when it comes to installing ports or dependencies, and although I understand the logic of the code, I don’t know the programming language many blockchains are written in. Therefore, I beg you to give at least an understandable source of documentation on creating a blockchain, from an existing source.

I understand that everyone is very busy, and no one has the right to ask someone just to help in this matter. Especially when many make a living providing such services. But I don’t just start from zero, but from the negative range. To start the path of positive infinity, I need a blockchain with our brand. In which you can create tokens, online or through the API.

I ask you to at least help me find the project and the file in which you need to change the parameters. It’s not about many of those files that the program needs to change, I can)

Sorry for writing so much and thanks in advance for any help.

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for some scam?

For the scam, I would just hire a freelancer)

For a serious and big project

good to know

But apparently no one knows the answer to my question(

Just to confirm, the goal is to fork the project and run a separate decentralized network?

At this stage, yes. Only a separate blockchain is needed, in which it can create tokens in our website.The blockchain will be with an open code, but before that we need it to build a website.

Although I understand the creation of tokens using the API, which will be used by the server with FP or JS is not an easy task even for Ethereum and Cardano.

Also from my side, just to be sure:
You want to use Cardano Software 1:1.
Just rebrand Cardano to - lets say - „Dardano“ for Blockchain and „Dad“, as Coin, right?

So minting a new Cardano Native Token is not something that will work for you, but you want to establish a fully decentralized network with stake pool operators etc?

Not really. Cardano has ADA, but for our “DAD” it must be applied a bit, and in the old sense we cannot equate it with ADA. To do this, we will create a token in the “DAD” blockchain, since the token is more suitable from the point of view of smart contracts.

We are not only populated by the blockchain, we do not want to attract investments or create a buzz that there is another 1:1 fork.
We need blockchain and cryptocurrency only because of their secure paths and decentralization. And in this regard, and in the field of performance on the Internet, a lot of good things have been written about Cardano.

We want a separate blockchain to make it more compatible with our products in the future.

But we need to create tokens on our site like Waves Platform. So, as I understand in this matter, even the Cardano native token cannot help the coin.

Please do research what it would take to maintain such a large project. In case there won’t be any helpful responses here try asking at the Cardano Stack Exchange as well.

Look here
Maybe it’ll be useful

Before asking a question here, I read dozens of such pages.
Suppose I chose Go-Ethereum, so, how do I change the name of the main cryptocurrency of the private blockchain in order to create a new cryptocurrency?
Everyone says take the source and change it, but how? Only an automatic program to change in all files, so easy?

As for tokens, the question is how to CREATE A TOKEN ON MY SITE

It’s not a simple application you just install and use. It’s true that everything is open source and available but you still need great programing and project-related knowledge in order to successfully fork it and maintain it. Also, you’d need the involvement of other people to contribute to the decentralization of the system.

See again if Cardano Native Token is not something that will work for you.

Hello @klorika

To replicate Cardano network you need to replicate:

  1. Cardano node - this is a pillar for the network so everyone can participate
  2. Networking layer- so those nodes can communicate
  3. Wallets - so you can build, send and receive transactions
  4. DB sync - so you can store/sync transactions and send data for monitoring
  5. GraphQL - as API
  6. SMASH servers
  7. Bunch of other things that I don’t even know what they do.

Beside the node and a wallet everything else requires more then just ‘basic’ understanding. To be able to successfully deploy a full network it would require weeks of set up and 10’s of thousands of dollars in hardware (or data center/ server rentals). And all this is to deploy earlier version of Cardano before smart contracts.

A step by step guide for all this written for someone with just basic knowledge would take 1000 of pages (maybe even multiple volumes). Even after all the instructions if there are any issues (and there always are) it would be almost impossible for some with just basic understanding to troubleshoot issues if network doesn’t start.

So, as others already suggested. Maybe you can just create your own tokens on Cardano network and call them what ever you want. Much faster option. :wink: If you choose this option check out “How to?” here:

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