How to define decimel points while minting tokens?

I am minting some tokens on the testnet by following the instructions in at this document. Minting Tokens & NFTs on Cardano - Google Docs Everything is working fine and i am able to do the transaction to my daedalus wallet which is running in my local system.

I have minted a token count of 1000 I am able to sent the token of

1.12(Two decimeal places)

What i want to do is this I want to sent a token count of

1.123456 (Six decimal places after the dot)

I am not sure how can i achive this. Any idea?

This documentation also not talking anything about the decimal points do any one knows how to achive the same?

On-chain Cardano tokens (including ADA) never have decimals. They are always given as integer values of the smallest subunit (Lovelace in the case of ADA).

The information about decimal places is not stored anywhere on-chain, but in the Cardano Token Registry:

IOHK also operates a token registry for testnet:

if i specify decimal places here will i be able to sent 1.123456(Six decimal) Tokens from wallet?

Yes, you will be able, but the decimals will be set when u will register the tokens…

example: if u will want 1k tokens with 6 decimals u will need to mint 1000000000 (1000 + 6 decimals) then after u will register the token with 6 decimals it will be 1,000.000000

Are registered tokens able to be appended? If someone is able to change it from 6 to 5 decimals they are theoretically changing the displayed supply from 1,000.000000 to 10,000.00000, correct?

That is correct

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I don’t know if the token registry accepts pull requests changing the decimal places, but they don’t say that they don’t, either.