How to:delegate stake (HTN)

Hi just would like to know if there was a possibility of getting involved in delegating stake to pools on the HTN. Setting up a pool would most likely not be an option for me even though I would still like to work through it but I would like to help out by delegating fake ADA to stake pools. Just don’t know how and where to get started. Is delegation not as important untill we get to main net or has the community dropped the ball on that one.

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Thanks for your question.
Delegation as one elementary process is interesting. But so far all operations happen with a local running node. Not a stake pool registered on chain, but a real cardano-node running the current testnet genesis file and connected to the topology of other nodes and pools in this testnet.

On top of this node you can execute all the cli steps to create a wallet, enable it for staking and delegate to a pool (might give a look to cntools making this steps much easier and intuitive)

At the moment you also first need a special key from a stake pool, in order to delegate to it. It’s work in progress and change/improve soon. Then delegation testnet participants are very welcome, also to give feedback about their user experience, doubts and understandings.


Thanks a lot,
cntools are great!
Thanks to developers.