Are there functioning staking pools in the testnet?

I am trying to send a stake delegation transaction in the test net.
I see a lot of guides about the creation of stake pools but fail to find an existing one.

Are there any?


Hi Dima

If you are looking to use CNTools then you should look at the post that @Alexd1985 did names

How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

You can go to the Cardano Github pages

Another good resources the Coin Cashew site

Finally another resource is

All of them include input on the testnet also

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Please see cardano page regards simple transaction

Note --mainnet identifies the Cardano mainnet, for testnets use --testnet-magic 1097911063 instead.

Hope this input helps
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hey @RShad876,
Thank you for the prompt answer but I do not want to launch my own pool.
I want to delegate to an existing one.

Hi Dima

When a pool is created their will be taking address also associated with it.

It is that address that you you stake to of that associated pool.

Hope that helps.
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Hi Shad,
I am not sure I am following. As far as I understand in order to create a delegation transaction, I need to create a stake delegation certificate containing my stake credentials and pool’s key. So I am looking for a key of a running pool.
Do I miss something?

Hi Dima

You could pick one of the testnet pools or create another of your own and send your testnet tADA to them if you are wanting to stake your tADA to another testnet pool
You can see all testnet pools for example from below as example

If you are wanting to get tADA staked to your pool then you need to register your pool also, then others can see and stake to your pool.

I recommend you go through the Stake Pool School Videos which explain a good deal of the foundations.

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You can use the pool-id instead of the pool key to create the delegation certificate. Only one way to identify the pool is required.

To browse available testnet pools (and find their corresponding pool id), use or or go to and click the testnet link near the bottom left of the page.

As one example my actively running testnet pool, TPANL, is pool id : 6762b21773213a40496489abd3bb94baeae99d8a0373a198472222a4

cardano-cli stake-address delegation-certificate \ 
    --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey \
    --stake-pool-id <stake pool ID> \
    --out-file deleg.cert