How to find out if our POOL is working

Hi guys we have a pool but I am not sure if its working. 2 epochs ago I have found out that my BP was set up as relay.


I have fixed that and It looks like they should work. But I found out today that we are no more listed on

We should have around 24% chance to mint a block.

What would be the reason that we are not visible on pooltool anymore?
How can we find out if the pool is working? Because we have already 24 delegators and over 600k ADA so we would like to earn them ADA rewards.

I have attached gLiveView Screenshots.

relay_gLiveView bp_gLiveView

There is another BULL ticker in pooltool is it ur pool also?

Did u changed something recently?

Ur BP looks ok, u have kes valid, tx processed, peers, etc


2 epochs ago I found out from your post that we were running 2 relays and not 1 relay and 1 BP.
Problem was in our startUp script … we had no full path to KES / vrf.skey / node.cert so we fixed that.

So the gLiveview of BP was showing relay instead of Core.

So also when we were doing the transactions to confirm the pool they were done like on a relay … do you think this could be the issue?

I can find the pool with the ID 75c48bfd17b701338131cdc3b8f6a3e218f31b6817795888191abae2
but not with the Ticker on the

Adapools is showing OK
Also Daedalus

I asked if BULL pool is also ur. If not perhaps it is better to change the ticker


I sorry I missed that no the BULL is someone else we have BULL1

Maybe BULL didn’t liked this and … do u think it’s possible to change ur ticker?


I think I found out the problem.

The poolMetaData.json in our BP node is not matching the poolMetaData.json on GitHub as we have added some extras
and we also modified “description”:

So I have changed the gitHub back to match the poolMetaData.json on the BP and will check it tmrw if this was the issue.

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OK so its working again.

The problem was in the json file poolMetaData.json on GitHub. I was experimenting with adding HTML into json to show borders and bold text on ada pools and I think this could break it.

I do not think the poolMetaData.json on GitHub has to be exact matching the poolMetaData.json on the server as I added the line “extended”: back to the poolMetaData.json on GitHub and I can find my pool on adapools and pooltool as well.