How to introduce normal people to crypto currency

So the title is supposed to be read with a little bit of humor implying that most people involved with crypto today are not exactly normal :slight_smile: I do believe the only way crypto currency will increase in value overall is by gaining more widespread adoption. How do we gain widespread adoption? One person at a time. One on one discussions helping people we know to understand the pros and cons, the risks and rewards.

John Oliver said once in a hilarious way “crypto currencies are everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers”. To the normal humans, he is dead right.

So I had a recent acquaintance, a man of 30+ years of age ask me a week ago about crypto currencies. He had been researching them a while on his own but never took the plunge. After a few hours of discussion, some youtube video reviews, and downloading and installing the Daedalus wallet, he decided we were ready to meet up and get him started on his crypto currency addiction. So after about 3 hours working on his own, and another 4 hours of training, navigating web sites, and creating accounts on Coinbase and Bittrex, my friend was well on his way to becoming a Cardano acolyte and exploring the world of digital currency. The sticking part was putting very personal information into those little known websites. You know… the kind of activity you were alway told NOT to do or your identity would be stolen and your life would be over. It alway helps to have some one egging you own to jump off a cliff. “Look I did it and I’m OK, you can do it too.”

The single most important barrier I think I learned from this man is that people are reluctant to put their personal information into Coinbase, and Bittrex and Binance and all these web sites that ask for KYC information including birthdates and ID numbers. Most normal people have never heard of these web sites. Add to that the name “crypto” brings a stigma with it that digital currency is somewhat elusive and hard to understand.

So after this experience, I realized I need a “How To” guide on get normal people addicted to crypto like myself. Here are the suggestions I came up with:


  1. Be patient. Show them how the technology works.
  2. Be honest. Explain the hazards.
  3. Be positive. Describe the success stories and possibilities.
  4. Be security minded.
  5. Give them room to breath.
  6. Have fun.


  1. Try being as sarcastic as possible. People love sarcasm. They always understand sarcasm and know exactly what you mean.
  2. If you are helping someone on telegram and they do not understand basic definitions like HODL, just call them a NOOB. I love it when I am trying to learn something new and when I make a mistake the experts call me NOOB. It’s a real motivator like my drill instructor from boot camp.
  3. Be forceful and aggressive when introducing the subject of crypto. If some one does not agree with your analysis of bitcoin, just call them stupid and flash your Blockfolio at them. You will convert them instantly.
  4. To win the hearts of the newcomers, describe what a pump and dump is. The first time I heard of a pump and dump I thought to myself …“I love a good pump and dump, gotta get me some of that”.
  5. If some one tells you that “Bitcoin has no value, it has nothing to back it up!!!” ask them how they hell are the gonna buy a taco with their stock market holdings. Sheesh, no value my ass.
  6. Call their native currency fiat. Then get into an argument about how fiat is garbage and Ron Paul is the only one who knows what he is talking about.
  7. Have them go on the unofficial Cardano Community telegram. That is great place to introduce new people to the world of digital currency. There is a fresh hot dumpster fire going on over there every day to get people warmed up to the culture of crypto. Heck those official Cardano channels just have a bunch of science and geeky stuff with the latest updates. Who wants that?
  8. When describing the pitfalls of digital currency, always use the word REKT. Best way to challenge people to try new things is to tell them how much they are going to get rekt once the training wheels come off.

I hope you read this with a grain of salt and find the sarcasm a bit funny. Please feel free to add your own ideas on how to gain new adopters, friends and family alike!



Good points.
I like how consistent you follow point 1 of the donts.


Great quote :grinning:


That’s hilarious. Yes, we are far from normal :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried so hard. I’ve tried talking to very, very smart people. Some of them even have read about bitcoin and crypto with a relatively good understanding of it. However, they seem to get hung up on two things:

  1. It’s too late for me.
  2. If it’s not too late, it’s too risky.

Interestingly enough, I used to be the same way. A good friend of mine has been talking to me about crypto from early 2017, maybe even mid 2016. It took a lot of listening to him and trying to understand before I took the plunge. It’s honestly like a leap of faith.

I think a great way to introduce people to crypto is the paper wallet. It doesn’t even have to be much, but it will make people curious. Look, I just gave you 100 ADA for your [random event]. The next question(s) from them will be… what is this? It’s money? How much is it worth? How much could it be worth? How do I spend it? How can I get more? TELL ME MORE.

Curiosity is very powerful. Also, presentation matters.

I think that’s one of the main reasons that the team spent a lot of time on making the Daedalus Wallet create a nice interface for paper wallets. The paper wallets themselves are very nice.

People have tend to have very divisive opinions on Roger Ver, but you can’t ignore that “giving away Bitcoin” helped to bring it to masses. He will always be considered “Bitcoin Jesus” for that reason. Everybody loves “free”.

This Christmas, maybe give away some paper wallets instead of presents. If you can, print them in color and maybe even laminate them. Bring some “normal people” into crypto, starting with the crypto we all love - ADA. I plan to.

-Crypto Gambler