How to know if my staking is ready to accept tx's?

I had successfully registered my staking pool on testnet. You can se here. How can I know if is ready to accept and process tx’s? I don’t have any metric related to that on the nodes yet? I am doing something wrong?


Do you have the "TraceMempool": true, in config?

Yes I am. Why?

Ahh, and is there any incoming connections?

Yep. There is. I will share with you the connectedPeers parameter of my relay nodes:

This is for relay1

And for relay2

yeah but that is the outgoing connections what you put into topology.yaml
what is that output of netstat -tnaop | grep <node_port>

The problem is that I’m using a k8s cluster. I can show the output of my nodes, but I don’t know what the correct outgoing connection.
Those are the details of my staking pool in testnet:

I will connect to your relay to be sure that you have an incoming connection… will come back once it is connected

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strange - I have not found the pool-id of your pool in ledger state
I used this command to test it:

$ cardano-cli query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 > testnet-ledger-state.json
$ grep f758bd7d92dec6dc5a7f23ad20bf53d4dcf76c1ed84c0449289cfc8b testnet-ledger-state.json

do you find it?

The id that I get is the following:

But when I enter, it redirects me to
[POOL] Cardano Stake Pool | Cardano Staking.

ok, now I could get your relay addresses - but the thing is that the ports are closed from outside:

$ netcat -vzn 3001
netcat: connect to port 3001 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
$ netcat -vzn 3001
netcat: connect to port 3001 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

Have you opened the ports?

And how can be posible that my pods get sync?

yes - in that case your node act as a client connecting to a remote server node…
but now it should act as a server - serving other nodes in the network…

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Could you test it now?

I think now you should see metrics regarding to processing tx - my node connected:
{"thread":"64","loc":null,"data":{"kind":"WithIPList SubscriptionTrace","localAddresses":"LocalAddresses {laIpv4 = Just, laIpv6 = Nothing, laUnix = Nothing}","dests":"[]","event":"Connection Attempt End, destination outcome: ConnectSuccessLast"},"sev":"Notice","env":"1.26.2:35312","msg":"","app":[],"host":"dell","pid":"48859","ns":["cardano.node.IpSubscription"],"at":"2021-06-18T18:44:38.65Z"}

I can’t see any metric related to that yet. I’m on testnet.

ok - add my address to your topology.json

and will double check whether I can see metrics… tell me if you restarted your node with the modified topology.json

I restarted my pods.

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I can see your node connected to my node - but I can not see transactions either… keep your node running and will come back if I found something…

What means you cannot see transactions?