How to log out of Daedalus Wallet in 2021

I understood that to make a transaction is needed a password, but the problem is I can’t hide some strong confidential information like the name of the wallet or how many ADA I have.
If I go to WC should I close every time Daedalus or send computer in stand by with password protection?
I don’t understand why it is not implemented until today. Is there a real reason for that?

Daedalus currently does not support hiding wallet name/balance.
So someone who watches your screen can indeed sees your ada balance. There is no other way than to close the wallet if you leave your computer. Making a transaction is not possible without your pin or hardware wallet though.

You might want to consider using the light Yoroi wallet, which does not download a copy of the blockchain and therefore is lighter and faster to start/close. You could easily close the browser tab it is in when you leave your computer and quickly restart it when you are back. Hope this helps.

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btw, always a good practice to lock your computer if you leave it.


The convenient short-cut for that, if you got windows, is “windows-key + L”

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The idea is that it needs to be changed. It is unacceptable if your laptop is stolen to have unrestricted access to your transaction history. What is the reason why this problem is not rectified?

  1. Technically it is very difficult or even impossible.
  2. It is considered not a problem.