How to obtain APIKEY required by Testnet Faucet

Above page mentions below pasted text. What is the process to obtain this APIKEY for myself in first place ?

If you have an API key and prefer to use the cli, you can use the following command:


It is something you request from IOHK.

Question is where, how to request ?

Sorry, not sure about that one. Never needed more than the default value. I’d assume this is something for big projects.

Maybe someone else knows more?

Had you ever drawn test ada from faucet through this REST-API in the past or it was always through the Web-GUI ?

I haven’t tried that route.

The GUI just opened for me. In case you need 1000 tada let me know asap by sending your test address.


Found it on another thread and sent you 1000tada

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Thanks buddy !

Seems they have fixed the testnet faucet GUI as its visible today. However it’s throwing an error when i tried to withdraw the test ADAs but i think that should be okay. I will try again after some time.

Too many requests, aretry after September 3, 2021 4:43 PM

Found something. Seems this is the way. (Relevant text sections pasted below for quicker reference )

Get Started with Blockfrost

Blockfrost provides API to access and process information stored on the Cardano blockchain. The basic tier is free and allows 50,000 requests per day.

Sign in#

Sign in on Blockfrost with your GitHub account. No registration required. Enter a project name and select Cardano mainnet or Cardano testnet, depending on your needs.

Get your API key#

After clicking on Save Project you will immediately get your API KEY . Save it. You will need this key for every request.

Not sure those keys are related.
Blockfrost is a different product by a different company. They provide APIs for interacting with the Cardano network without needing to host a node, APIs for IPFS (inter planetary file system), etc.

Hmm, not sure. will need to sign-in with them to check if their API Key works with testnet faucet API interface.