How to prove who is and isn’t official Carando member in telegram?

I just joined this forum and the telegram group and understandably I am restricted from posting for about 24hours (I suspect this is due to the FUD around contracts).
After about 30 seconds I get a message from this individual named @danidogIover under the display name of “Cardano Foundation”.

Naturally I suspect something is off here and can’t ask in telegram if this is an official user of Carando so I am asking here.

(Photos added to show i have more but can’t post more than 1 being a new user)


Yeah Telegram isnt really the best platform… There are so many scammers there and sometimes we cant really do anything against them as the user proxy accounts.

I took care of the user you tagged here and banned him.

Mods or admins wont ever DM you on Telegram just out of nowhere.

Stay safe!


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Thank You sir!
I see you have both Ambassador tags here and on telegram. I couldn’t prove who that individual who messaged me was so figured I’d ask here.

Thank you for the prompt reply and action.

Always make sure to check their profile and the username on Telegram.

Most scammer hide their username because the username is unique.

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Will do Sir.

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