How to recover 2 Wallets in Yoroi Testnet?

I am the biggest Yoroi Noob! Haha! I know Cardano and I trust the Yoroi team but I cannot seem to recover 2 separate wallets from my Daedalus Testnet Wallets to Yoroi… I did manage to get one which was very important for me to do, but where is the secret to getting them both online at once like in Daedalus? Any help would be very appreciated and I will refer you to this link where I will come give you some love if you ask Can I get some love

Hello Haskell-plus!

What I did was, recover my Daedalus wallets in Daedalus, and my Yoroi in Yoroi.

In Yoroi, it was successful on my 6th attempt to restore & successfully delegate. So give it a few tries and it will work, like you I also had full trust in the teams and never had doubt so it was not a problem, test net after all :grin::+1:

Hope that helps!


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Did you recover 2 wallets on Yoroi or does it only support 1? I need to bring up 2 separate Reward Wallets that I built on the Daedalus ITN.
:+1: Thanx! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It should be fine to recover multiple, I had created several in Daedalus so I needed only 1 in Yoroi for the moment, but what your saying should work :slight_smile:
Good luck I’m sure it will be fine soon! :love_you_gesture: :+1:

Hi Chris, don’t know about mobile but the extension only supports one at a time. To have two open at once you’d have to use different browsers, eg Chrome and Firefox.