How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

Is there any ssh configurations I need to change so that I can sftp into the server? I am using filezilla and the steps you provided but I keep getting access denied. Ive been trying to figure out for a while now

If u changed the default (22) ssh port then inside filezile use also the new port
if u activated google auth then use interactive
If u entered 3 times a wrong password then fail2ban banned u and u must wait…

U can test from other nodes with

sftp -P xxxx user@IP

xxxx - ssh port of the remote node
user - ssh username of the remote node
IP - IP of the remote node

I have it as the default port 22 because of this issue, and I have activated google auth so I have interactive selected. Maybe im getting the password wrong, Ill try again. thanks

try sudo systemctl status ssh and check on which port ssh service is listening

Ive got it, thank you. I removed [ssh] before the user info and it worked

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Hey, I just read about the new Vasil requirements in regards to the
qKesNodeStateOperationalCertificateNumber and
qKesOnDiskOperationalCertificateNumber. I’m not understanding what causes these to be off. Also will rotating the KES in cntools fix this if they are off?

In what step are cardano-cli and cardano-node added to the path? My AWS free tier doesn’t have enough CPU/RAM to compile the node so I compiled on my machine so I’m trying to figure out what to copy over.

Hello everyone! I stucked on step 3, it’s synced 4 days after that it added more 4 days on epoch 371. How many time it takes?)

It will take few more days… but u can speed up the process by downloading the db from here


Should i at first to delete previous db folder before to curl it?

Nope, it will replace the old one

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thank you!

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forgot to ask :sweat_smile: what to do next? if i starting ./gliveview its showing 4 days left)

aaaa then it looks like the node is synced
4 days remaining from actual epoch (till transition to the next epoch)… its like a countdown… u should see the :slight_smile: (smiley face)

ahah, ok thanks understood that) taking a moment will ask about step 4: i have several relay IPs and have i to add all of them? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes, because more relays will help u with fast propagation

But on producer u should have only ur relays or trust friends nodes

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Hi Alexd1985, does your cardano pools tutorial work on Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 LTS ?
or we should use ubuntu desktop ?

Should work

Hi Alex, my nodes already running on Testnet. If i want to switch to Mainnet what i have to do?

  1. Download Mainnet prerequisites and build on top of testnet or
  2. Delete Testnet first (how to do it), or
  3. Reinstall ubuntu OS and build from scratch

download the files for mainnet only… (use prereqs for mainnet) and u are ready