How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS


Keep only the last 2 lines, save the file, run

cd ~/tmp

. "${HOME}/.bashrc"

If still not show 1.29.0 then try to build again the node

Still says 1.27.0 so I’ll rebuild the node

Unfortunately, even after the rebuild, I am on 1.27.0

Damn, so strange… but when it’s compiling the node… do u see logs with 1.29.0 right?

You can download the binari files from here

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If I wanted to get my pool rewards in a separate wallet I can do that correct? Just create a new wallet and select the rewards wallet for the rewards during the registration of the pool?

Yes, it will ask u if u will want another wallet for rewards
U can import one (create new wallet on daedalus or yoroi ; bkp the seed words and import on cntools) this way u can controll the funds from daedalus/yoroi wallet

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hi Alex, great guide!

I took your recommendation and registered my pool with two wallets, one for pledge (imported from Daedalus) and one for rewards (created using CNTools).

The problem is I think I got them the wrong way around: in pool.config I see “rewardWallet”: “wallet-for-pledge”, not the CNTools wallet. Also the pool has “pledge not met” (though that might be because we didn’t have all the pledge in the wallet when we registered and added it < 2 epochs ago).

I guess I should swap the wallets? Do I just re-run the CNTools “register” screen?


let me check, what is the ticker?
In cntools when u registered the pool it asked you:

  • for a pool wallet (normal cli wallet) → cntools wallet
  • for a 2nd owner/pledge wallet → pledge wallet (imported one)
  • for a reward wallet → cntools wallet

if u will want to modify you will need to go to cntools - pool - modify and enter again the parameters… but when it will asked to keep the wallet press N to choose again the reward/pledge wallets

but first, tell me the ticker

it is SHIFT tnx!

you didn’t do it right…

go to cntools - pools - modify

  • add again the parameters… when it ask for using the same wallets you will press N
    and enter again:
  • pool/main wallet you must choose CNTOOLS one
  • 2nd owner/pledge - you must choose the imported one
  • use another wallet for rewards… u must press N


PS: the pledge message it’s because u didn’t moved the funds inside daedalus to the oldest wallet address… which in cntools should be this:

when u imported is saying… you must create an intra wallet transaction to move the pledge to the latest/oldest address from daedalus
I think if you will go in cntools - wallet - show (imported one ) you will see Balance 997.821299

Thanks, I’ve run the modify transaction as you suggested. The wallet figure is as you predicted. I don’t quite understand the imported wallet address though; this doesn’t appear in Daedalus, only in the pool’s import of the wallet…? Anyhow my “pool not met” message seems to have gone now :smile:

now it’s perfect, you can delete the wallet imported (guessing you bkped the seed words) from cntools - wallet - delete.
and everything should be fine now, all errors are gone

Thanks my friend! Have a good one.

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Thank you Alexd1985 for this great How-to. The only thing I got stuck on was the difference in Ports between Producers and Relays and consequential firewall actions for each. It took me a while to search and finally found detailed explanation outside the How-to (also by you).
Today I launched the Pool, ticker IRR
Very excited even if starting small.

Yeah, it’s not so detaliated :frowning: but I am glade u succedded… at least u learnt something :slight_smile:

Hello! So I ended up with my nodes being updated to 1.29 but when it got to around 99% sync it went back to “Starting…”
Any ideas what may have happened?

what is the hardware configuration of the node? try
journalctl -e -f -u cnode