How to set up a POOL in a few minutes - and register using CNTOOLS

Not even the producer? U can copy from my relay if u want… wanna try the teams meeting?

Sure. The node starting syncing when I killed the db. We can try a Teams Meeting. How do we set that up?

I sent you the link in private


I am creating a Wallet via cntools which will be for the stake pool registration fee and also to transact some pool changes over time (2 ADA per transaction).

And I’m importing a Daedalus wallet that will be the pledge wallet.

Is it coherent that way? My question is which wallet will I receive the rewards in? Will it be in Daedalus’s imported pledge portfolio or will it be in the fee portfolio?

Are the .COLD files from this wallet I created in CNTOOLS for rates or are the .COLD files from the Stake Pool creation?


You can use for rewards which wallet u will wish… CLI wallet or imported one

Are the .COLD files from this wallet I created in CNTOOLS for rates or are the .COLD files from the Stake Pool creation?

the wallet files should be located in priv/wallet folder and the pool files in priv/pool folder

do not keep the file unencrypted … first make a bkp for the files before to encrypt (in case u will forget the encryption/decryption password) and then u can encrypt the files from cntools (use a strong password)

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Sorry if the image gets too small.

In item 1, is it the producer’s IP or are they the Relays’ IPs?

In item 2 I understood that it was to inform the pledge wallet but I thought that later I could inform another wallet just for the Pool registration fees, but that was not what happened, in the end the Pool + wallet registration Rewards remained the same, as in items 3 and 4.

Are pool registration and pledge the same?


Item 1 - the relays IP and Relays port
Item 2 - the pool wallet (for pool transactions +/or the pool rewards)
Item 3 - u used same wallet as Item 1 u can specify another wallet
Item 4 - that’s because u selected N when it asked if u use another wallet for rewards

PS: between Item 2 and 3 it asked you if u want to register another wallet for pledge… and u chose N. Because of this u have only one wallet used as a main wallet + rewards

ok… Thanks… I got it… :laughing:

Now it’s correct right?

should be fine now, what is the ticker? you can check on the rewards/pledge wallets

It’s only on testnet… pltk ticker

ok, and you are talking for ADA for test right?

Ah, now I saw that there is testnet on too… but my ticket still doesn’t show up there.

Yes. I’m just on testnet for now.

aa ok, so you are not using real ADA… if you go to cntools - wallet the address are starting with test… right? ok, ok

That’s right… for now only ADA Faucet… I posted the IPs of the servers in the image because later I will cancel these VPS and I will hire new ones…

no problem, as long you will register the IPs will be public… you should not show the Producer IP

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