How to update cncli to the latest version on Github for Cntools users?

Cnode already updated to 1.26.1
Current version installed via CNTOOLS is 1.5.1

Hi! just did it yesterday manually by following this guide (click on show original to get the proper commands):

but sure @Alexd1985 will help you out!

Run prereq with -c flag

cd ~/tmp

ls -l
./ -c



That worked, THX!


This did not work for me.

Environment Variable already set up!
Installing CNCLI
previous CNCLI installation found, pulling latest version from GitHub…
installed version: v1.4.0 | latest version: v2.0.2
updating RUST if needed…
building CNCLI v2.0.2 …
cncli 2.0.2 installed!
Downloading files…
sed: can’t read ./ No such file or directory
sed: can’t read ./env.tmp: No such file or directory
awk: cannot open env.tmp (No such file or directory)
awk: cannot open (No such file or directory)

when I try to start ./ in the $CNODE_HOME/scripts folder nothing happens.

Hi, u will need to bkp the env file … then


ls -l and remove the all scripts folder (u didn’t updated for the last version)

sudo rm -R scripts

then downlod the scripts again

cd ~/tmp

After that, edit again env start again the node and try to run cncli again

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How are you guys using the CNCLI tool? Is it deployed on a relay or on the block producer?
I’m curios as using it on the block producer together with the PoolTool features wouldn’t expose the IP of the BP?