How to use the Pool Pledge calculator for Operators

Example of how to use the pledge calculators for pool operators to get a rough idea. Not financial advice :slight_smile:


Hi Rick,

Yesterday, I created a very simple func in desmos, in which gives you the pools’ epoch reward, and you just need to fill in the following parameters:

  • S = the total delegated stakes 12.8bn for ITN,
  • p = your pool’s pledge,
  • d = pool’s delegated stakes (p is excluded)
  • R = Epoch’s reward for ITN. it is the genesis’ parameter the reward_parameters ITN genesis constant
    in ADA i.e. 3835616.44
  • k = pool numbers and, default 1000
  • a0 = the security parameter, default=0.1, 10%, but it does not apply to ITN.

Thank you Pal, I will get some practice using this and make a demo video. This will be good practice running some test variable and compare them on the Haskell test net.