How Will Cardano Network Gain Resources?

Charles has touched upon the issue of scale-ability on many of his videos.His idea is to let the network gain resources as the nodes join in. Does anyone know if there is a rough blueprint on how Cardano plans to achieve that? I’d like to know how nodes will add to the computational, storage and throughput capacity of the network.

@ZCryt0Knight good question, I was curious on this as well. Maybe we can dig together. But from my understanding, the Cardano network scales like bit torrent. The more users downloading a song i.e particular token, the Ouroboros protocol allows more computational resources towards that particular song i.e token. What are your thoughts?

Charles explained it in of his videos but I can’t remember which one.

For now it’s not doing that yet, but planned to be something like that in the end, yes. There’s a separate stage on the roadmap ("Basho") dedicated fully to the performance problems, so all this stuff will be worked on there (planned to be around 2019):

Few ideas for scaling resources:

  1. Sharding. So more nodes there are - the more shards could possibly be supported
  2. Torrents (or a similar solution) - along with the snaphots system that would allow a node to recover the current state from a recent checkpoint, instead of downloading the whole history of the chain - torrents would allow to better utilise storage across the network.
  3. RINA - as far as I can understand - ought to solve a lot of networking problems and overheads. It’s something like a networking layer that allows almost indefinite scaling with resources. (I still need to do a lot of RTFM on this one, tho).

I am sure those are only a portion of all the solutions IOHK already thinking about or even already researching on, so I am very interested to see what exactly “Basho” will bring us :slight_smile:

And will be very glad if someone adds or corrects my thoughts on this questions!


@vantuz-subhuman Thanks! That was really good. Even though every answer is out there in the docs or roadmap, its hard to digest it all. Thanks for description.

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@vantuz-subhuman I actually read the RINA article. I think Charles mentioned RINA in one of his videos. That would be revolutionary if we implemented RINA within Cardano. So Cardano is thinking about using RINA for solving Scalability?

That was mentioned as a possibility multiple times. We would have to wait for “Basho” to see the actual plans and implementations )

Thank you for the detailed response.

I also have heard Charles talk about RINA multiple times. If they implement RINA on Cardano, it will truly be the web 3.0 with its own currency. RINA has been developed as a replacement to TCP/IP. #MindBlown


If you were to pick a technology that could be implemented and resolve scalability issues, which one would you choose? I wonder if they have honed in on RINA. I have been reading up on it. Sounds pretty impressive!