Howto uninstall Daedalus

installed Daedalus ver. 1.0.3769.0 onto second disk on PC, drive D:

after reading a few threads here i decided i wanted all of Daedalus on a USB flash drive. i have not yet created an accnt with the software yet but i did execute it once then closed it…e.i., coins still on exchange.

i go to uninstall Daedalus but it can’t find the “D:\Daedalus\uninstall.exe”. no uninstall.exe anywhere that is associated with Daedalus. is it a simple matter of deleting the install dir and the %APPDATA% dir manually?

Yes, that will do it.

I don’t believe that’s doable with the current version or not without editing the .bat file and, basically, knowing what you’re doing. Somebody did post about this a while back but I can’t find the thread ATM.

i read @krazplay’s thread at Make your Daedalus wallet portable on Windows

and created files per his tutorial.

haven’t tried executed the reinstall yet, as i wanted to get feedback if all i needed to do was manually delete the original install dir’s since no uninstall.exe was found for Daedalus. later today i’ll try the reinstall. thanks for your reply

thanks for your reply and confirmation on manual del. i’ll do that and try a reinstall later today.

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Please let us know how it goes (or went), I’m thinking of doing this too now.

i manually uninstalled Daedalus. rebooted. then reinstalled to usb patriot 64gb stick. for some reason, that didn’t workout. the sync’ing was going to take days if ever. so something amiss with that stick or something.

the reason the uninstall.exe wasn’t found was due to Panda AV flagged it as a “trj/agent.jrm” virus. i saw that the second try at install so i turned off Panda AV, and the “uninstall.exe” was then present.

i cleaned up the registry of any “daedalus” identifiers, found an unused samsung 850 evo usb flash drive and installed the Daedalus app to it, used the bat files from that tutorial linked above, and started the daedalus.bat file as normal user. no gremlins this time. app started up, sync’d up in about 2 hours, and created an accnt wallet. i did have the Panda AV turned off but did have Malwarebytes running the entire time. i don’t use a firewall on my machines at home as all incoming/outgoing net traffic goes through one anyways.

no certain answer as to why i had such a hard time the first two installs, but that usb stick file system might have been bad/wrong for Daedalus, it was exFat, versus NTFS on the Evo 850, and i turned off the Panda AV.

for now, i just plugin the evo 850, execute a bat on the evo 850 to set the %appdata%, and then execute the daedalus.bat on the evo 850 and app pops right up and sync’s quick. so far, so good. so it does work with all of on an external drive. keeping my fingers crossed.

hope that helps a bit.

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