Howzit from South Africa

Evan here :slight_smile: - aka Motionfactory,

im a professional video content creator hoping to add my skills and experience to further drive the Cardano project. Iv applied for the ambassador programme and hope to get the nod.


Welcome to the forum Evan! Hope to see some video content from you soon :slight_smile:

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Can you share your portfolio? (may DM)

Markus howzit pls Dm me

Hello and Welcome to the Cardano Community and Forum! all the Best!

Hi Evan!

Welcome to the Cardano Forum!
Happy to hear you’re excited to use your unique skills to help grow the community and Cardano’s awareness.

Note with the Ambassador Program, that you don’t need to apply before creating content. We want this program to encourage good work in the community, so once you start going and have content out there - THEN you automatically qualify to become a Cardano Ambassador! :smiley:


Maki…pls pop me a dm…

Hi Evan, nice to have you here. Welcome from Virginia USA.


Ricky thanks a ton bro -warm greetings are appreciated :slight_smile:

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