A call to action - part 1:


Today’s talk is with Chris & Brittany.

The main focus of today’s podcast is to start the discussion within the Cardano community regarding our treasury system.

Unlike the recent topic on ‘Pledging’, that waited too long to start, and have seen many controversies form due to lack of communication, we believe that such can be avoided in regards to the upcoming ‘Voltaire’ phaze.

Now is the time to start the discussion!


Today Brittany will share with us a bit about her Stake pool and the goal behind of it -(Ticker: PINK).

Within our community Brittany is leading the way by creating an educational platform where women can safely ask questions and learn about Blockchain and Cardano.

Be sure to listen to what Brittany have to say. We vind it very inspiring listening to her share her dream with PINK and for women in Blockchain.

We had a lot of fun opening this conversation and look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

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