Hyperledger and potential use case for Cardano

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The purpose of this video is to discuss a potential use case of Cardano. I also introduce Hyperledger and DLTs.



Very possible. Traxia is still an ERC20 token and they are building. They will migrate their systems over to Cardano when ready.


Hyperledger Fabric is the world leading Consortium Blockchain.

Look at the members list here:

Every serious public Blockchain (cryptocurrency) is building adapters / gateways / oracles or other technology bridges now, which allow the interconnection of the public domain and the consortium / private Blockchain Ecosystem having atomic transactions between the two chains.

Whichever Public Blockchain succeeds to make it as streamlined and sophisticated as possible will increases its adoption potential a lot.

I would love to see this on the Cardano Roadmap soon. I believe it will come as Cardano people and Hyperledger people know each other well.

Hyperledger Fabric is also building Tokenization capabilities so you will be able to Tokenize anything within the Consortium Ecosystem.

Now imagine the potential of freely moving tokens (controlled by policies governing the value exchanges) between consortium / private and public Blockchains.

This is an incredible enabler in the Supply Chain and Financial Services domains.

After visiting Plutusfest it’s clear that the smart contract technology is ready, now we need the adoption via the various Use Cases.

Let’s keep this topic running as any good idea here might end up in a Cardano project.

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there is certainly plenty of efficiencies to be gained but storage might not be the most significant area, even if you were to include server hardware and maintenance costs, datacenter co-location hosting, security and devops… they are likely spending more in ongoing implementation of the rewards system, promotion, staffing, customer support, etc

it’s plain to see the efficiency gain but it many be a little too early for large companies to realise this potential, the market is still young and expertise hard to come by, it might take a while for larger firms to copy the early movers in this space

as for new companies tapping into this idea you can check our brave (browser) and engine.presearch.org, both reward with tokens in exchange for privacy/ads, needless to say i have ditched chrome/google, but bypass the rewards programs for a private/ad-free experience instead - highly recommended