Cardano+Real World=XYO, what’s XYO?

Saw an add for this while scrolling for cripto news. Anyone heard of it?

Traxia is the first token to transition to :cardano: network, what other ICO’s are on the list?

I believe the other crypto on the Cardano blockchain will be Sp8de:
“Building on top of the Cardano blockchain, our protocol is based on commit-reveal mechanism, the only 100% bullet-proof method to generate distributed randomness. It will inherit the security features of Ouroboros, the beating heart of Cardano blockchain, while maximizing the output frequency.”

Please don’t look into Sp8de’s reddit, tho - it’s a total disgrace and completely hijacked by a single troll-person that seem to put more time and work into FUDding them, than I put into my actual daily job.

Many people reckon Sp8de as fishy, but they actually seem just like a bunch of dudes with a nice idea and zero experience in a community management. Charles mentioned once that he doesn’t know anything about Sp8de, and very many people took it as a scam-flag for some reason. He later actually talked about them in another interview and said that they didn’t contact IOHK or Emurgo in any way, but they seem to know a lot about Cardano and plan to launch ERC20 and later move it, following Traxia example.

They don’t seem scammy to me. Just poorly organised.


Thanks for the heads up @vantuz-subhuman
I did not think nor do I expect to buy (invest) into Sp8de (have never even done research on them)…but @SeanAlimov asked the question, and since I knew about it, gave him a response…
In the meantime, I am extremely pleased to see ADA go above 0.25 cents…literally all my loses have been wiped out due to the amounts I purchased when it was under 0.20 (I also purchased many at 0.30, 0.45 and 0.60)…at this point ADA is 80%+ of my portfolio


Yeah just hoping that we will all try our possible best to introduce cardona to people so that it’s value will increase.

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@SeanAlimov…I found the ICO you mentioned (XYO)…website looks fishy…

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Yep @pesuazo, there seem to be a lot of :cardano: scam adds popping up all of the sudden.

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I just did some research on XYO…it “appears” to be legit (based on what I found)…but I did not find anywhere their intent to run this in the Cardano blockchain…


I concur, I read through the Green Paper and it made no mention of being on Cardano

Edit: Green Paper

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What this looks like is brand hijacking by XYO.
Seems that they are targeting most Cardano keywords for their own promotions.

Not sure if there is anything we should do about that but tagging the foundation as a ‘heads up’ at a minimum.

@tom.kelly @jonmoss

In any other space I would be inclined to forbearance, but in the crypto space the odds of people getting scammed out of their money is just too high imo. And this in Cardano’s name = Big problem.

I’ll definitely take Mr. Haskell-plus’ word on this. This is fishy at best.


I heard sp8de which is for gamble is coming soon.

I wounder why they list Cardano as one of their supported platforms if they are out to “kill” it.

Odd this ad is even getting exposure. I was under the impression that Google (together with FB/YT?) announced they’re banning ICO/crypto ads…



They took it up a notch. “Cardano is old news”