Sp8de Again..."On top of Cardano"

Well, here it is again…Sp8de, built “on top of the Cardano blockchain”. That sounds fun and all but is this even possible?

I was at the Seattle meetup, asked about this specifically but confirmed for others what I suspected, its not officially supported.

Stay away at this point or is this again the case of some projects with approval and some free market “no review” so do your own DD (done in any case)?

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Does something have to be “officially supported” – I don’t think Vitalik or the Ethereum Foundation “officially support” 99% of the tokens sitting on that network,

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No, it doesnt. I think you are missing the point. As I stated, the possibility of finding a project with merit requires DD. This is how its done, by discussing it.

If they built it on top of Cardano, how did they do that? Nothing runs on it currently, and if they meant using a special Cardano language, then state that. Even Traxia is ERC20. Clear plan, obvious current blockchain presence and plan to use Cardano blockchain. That language is rife with poofing. On top of Cardano…sounds funny to me.


Correct. There will be no smart contracts until at least Q2 2019 afaik.

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I thought this is the whole point of Cardano. Creators of new tokens can use it. They don’t have to be officially supported afaik.

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Officially supported and aware are two seperate concepts. Also, Cardano is so new compared to Ethereum, keeping track is pretty easy. No one said it had to be supported, not sure where that supposition arised.

If you created a blockchain, would you monitor new projects?

Again, noone said approval. It is a community after all, they would want attention from Cardano like any ERC20 coin would want Vitaliks eye…

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Yeah good point on supported / aware, I thought they were aware at some point Charles tweeted about sp8de being an unknown player about 5 months ago.

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