I don't know if everyone really wants the price of this coin not to rise

I don’t know if everyone really wants the price of this coin not to rise. If anyone who publicly expresses that want this currency go up will be hurt, then everyone will leave. Because people join one thing and they believe that this will bring real benefits to themselves and everyone.

If the currency is the currency we will use in the future, there is no reason not to love it. On the contrary, if not, then we will not.

If people need money, then money will be used by people. Just as love is private, money is also private to people. If a person is an actual and rational person, he will know that everyone, like himself, needs a foundation to enter his own life, not communist selflessness.

Just, leave this coin for the glory of the scientists, they wear the crown of this honor, always glorious. If it is me, I will step down and give money to others. If I don’t have money, I will hope that this currency is worth money.

I finished what I wanted to say. I know this will not be welcome. I also want me to have a small circle, so glorious and complacent, I have my life and my money, why should I care about anyone outside any circle? If I encounter a beggar, I will not give up all of mine, because I am so noble and rich, right? So literate, so academic. I just remember that happiness and wealth belong to everyone. Ancient Chinese people believed that perhaps one day, God would bring down the sacred rain and dew so that everyone could get it. Maybe the sky is really generous, and people are not. Right? Don’t change your life, because I have paid so much, you should pay more. How fair this is.

So I won’t be a teacher, telling the kids that this time you are right, and that time you are wrong. I know forever that every child knows more than I do. And especially those who are as creative as children…