Hope for the future

Watching the prices go up and down,one day 800 bucks up,the next day 1800 bucks down, l finally feel kinda calm and at peace this morning. I am not gonna sell,l am keeping my ADA for years so why worry or freak out.It’s not about the unit price,it’s about the unit,because if you ain’t got the coins you are not in the game.I can work out almost to the cent how much money l can accumulate for my son before l die in the bank,and it’s not enough to give him at least some degree of financial independence,you know, keep him from being a ward of the state.But with this Cardano project, l have hope,and you can’t really put a price on that.


Hope is the ultimate feeling we all prescribe too and it reigns supreme within most of us. It is a beautiful feeling, without hope, most of us would be lost. With Hope installed within you, i can safely say, even without the Cardano project, as long as you have hope, you will accumulate more than enough for your son and your future!

You have now reached your Zen stage, it took me a while but i am there with you too now. Whether the price goes up, or whether the price goes down, it does not bother me one way or the other. ofcouse i will be happy if it goes up, but i will not be sad if it does down. I simply, like you, look at it as a financial invesment, a risk i am taking, and we know the consequences.


Well said Ashley, beautifully written


When I look around me, it strikes me how early we are in the adoption game. There aren’t that many people and we probably can fit every ADA HODLer in one big room. This will change in the not so a distant future.

We are the first disciples of the new, global financial system. People will bang on your door for interviews…


Sometimes I think the same, when I am in a crowded public place I ask myself if I am the only one who knows something about cryptos…