I just need to hodl my ADA. I don´t want to downloand the entire blockchain

I just want a wallet that can hold my ADA and be fast. With Daedalus I have to download the entire blockchain everytime I open it.

Please… Just create a Ledger Nano support…

Daedalus downloads full chain only at first launch.

Ledger support is expected in July\August, and was expected so for the long time already.

Create a paper-wallet. Those are available since the latest version.


Dude this is as if you came into bitcoin talk back in 2011 and whined to the core devs about having to download the whole block chain just to have a core wallet. Its sorta like a new project that is being developed to be long lasting and a strong future coin. Sorry to say but I am glad that they dont make it easier for non technically inclined folks like yourself. that way they dont pump the price to idiotic magnitudes on hype and instead they sell off their ada to me and others who have been in the crypto community for 5 years not 5 months.

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I’ve never understood the complaints with this, I have a pretty good connection so it doesn’t take long at all, it’s certainly no inconvenience. Look at your connection speed if you’re struggling

Dude, I am in China and sync the whole blockchain with VPN took me about 10 hours…

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Keep an eye out for the special announcement coming in 5 days, it might be a light wallet in the form of a Google Chrome extension. :slightly_smiling_face:

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But not actually useable for several weeks… (managing expectations…)


Oh dear, sorry to hear that, I get it.

Be patient, we’re still in very early days of development, so this is one of the prices to pay to be one of the first in.

The offerings to elevate this problem are in the pipeline, give it some time, you’ll be so happy you stuck around