I lost a lot of ada

I asked this question and got a reply.

I chatted with support and put in my recovery phrase.

What do you mean? Did someone DM you here in the forum?

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I was directed here. It’s a scam site.
[URL removed by @Zyroxa]

Support is also a scammer. The scammer said to connect with the wallet to get the Daedalus wallet tutorial video.
I put in a recovery word to connect my wallet.

Can you report the user who directed you to that website?

This man!!!

Thanks for the report, ive deleted his account but im sorry that you lost your ADA.

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It was careless of me. I’ll be careful.

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i did lost almost all my crypto allready scams + greed devolopers to be honest after 10 years i just see worst people on devoloping and saying crypto is the revolution , at least bansk can provide a safe way to persecute a scam and ia regulated inlost to the last cent on cryptos again i have nothing, the reality they havent landed any project and they just become rich and less care about anyone

What do you hope to gain by these posts?

Yes, crypto can be a relentless place.

In your original thread https://forum.cardano.org/t/ada-scam-empty-my-savings/97182, you tell us that you fell for a classic YouTube free giveaway scam.

The first people you should be angry with are the scammers. If someone talked you into crypto without properly warning you of the risks, those are the second people to be angry with.

But people just trying to build something on this technology? They are certainly not doing it just to help scammers, but because they believe that it is worthwhile.

Could be that it turns out that it is not wothwhile. That’s why you should never put more than you can afford to lose into crypto. If someone told you otherwise, that is the person to be angry with.

Yes, traditional finance has better possibilities to trace and get back money lost in frauds. They do not always work, but they are there. There are a lot of crypto critics who argue that the lack of those safe-guards is a fundamental flaw, so fundamental that crypto should not be used, should be forbidden, …

The opposite standpoint is that people should be free to take risks, that the limited traceability and the irreversibility of transactions are fundamental properties that are features, not bugs.

But these risks are not concealed! Whoever got you into crypto should have told you about them. If they did not, again, those are the people to be angry with!

For everyone else, this should be a warning to not praise crypto too unrestrained, to not talk people into it, …

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Theres a big chance that this scammer is also someone that hit the attention of dev community here in brazil, because (he or her) did a lot of scams in freelancers, companys etc

I’m looking to find a big expose thread that a friend did on twitter brb.

Thank you for information.

I want these people arrested.

Their site is still working. If you are related to Cardano, please report it.

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

win i lose my life savings the real work on real life after 20 years born on the worst murder capital of america and grow in the worst killing town in mexico i lost all and belive ada or what tgis company says yo be so good and fair the reality is just making a few just billionars starting by the main person who start this, to me all the cryptos are just the same just ponzy scams just abusing of poverty

all life saving to garbage thabks crypto devolopers

it’s a scam again

Thanks for the report. You can also directly flag the messages/DM to the moderator team.

it’s a scam

You can flag DMs by clicking on this symbole

This makes it abit more comfortable to deal with stuff like that.

Anyway thanks for the report.