ADA scam empty my savings

this is always after there is a stream on youtube there is other fake youtube video pops to tell you there is a giveaway i lost all my savings [link deleted by @Napoles] this is the fake page i work 10 years to have this savings and now i am broke again

Truly truly sorry for your loss. I absolutely detest seeing this occur so regularly. Once again it’s super important to remember that the very notion of doubling your ADA through giveaways and such is unrealistic. Part of this whole decentralized ecosystem is that you have to be 10x more vigilant as you are the sole person responsible and in control of your assets.

There exists no way for you to send your ADA and have it magically doubled or tripled. Again I’m very very sorry for your loss and I hope that in the future you exercise extreme caution. When in doubt, please always consult on the forum with our community members before parting with your hard earned ADA. I wish you luck.


that was my savings after 10 years of work i got refuge after the drug war in Mexico and i was absolutely everything i had after emigrate to Canada because the violence unfortunately scams are something cryptocurrency and blockchain is not really prepared to face and especially with small accounts for me i was evrything, thanks for care i understand ada will never give anything or double anything ada scam is there and the website and videoa are always happening so is very sad scamers cant be punish on the block chain there is no security once again economy is just centralize to help the rich

I am terribly sorry about your loss of funds. These scammers prey on the most vulnerable, usually.

There are several online resources where you can learn more about cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc.

One place to start is “Digital Asset News” YouTube channel’s free (with email registration) learning website:

I would definitely take all of the courses, but the security focused courses are a must!

There is another YT site that I saw recently that appears good for newcomers to learn from (keep in mind this fellow has a paid product he is selling, but his YT videos appear to be free):


decentralize economy is about protection of the onea who less have, this is a very clear message blockchain is just for the ultra rich

Why would you risk sending all your savings if it’s so hard earned?

People are different.

I’d already consider putting all your savings in Cardano as very risky, even putting everything in a diverse portfolio of only cryptocurrencies seems not very wise to me. I’d always leave enough in traditional products, insurances, ETFs, …

So, if I can imagine people being so different that they think it is a good idea to invest 90%+ in just a single crypto chain that may or may not be successful in ten years, the step to sending it to a dubious scam is not that far, anymore.

The abundance of more or less convincing, more or less believable scams is definitely a very strong point for critics of cryptocurrencies as a whole. The network is not able to protect people and a large share of people – maybe even the majority – need protection.

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the scam pop after a video of donations for ukraine and now i seen the same videos poping after all the streems

You maybe right, but I would rather say: treat crypto as every other asset - before doing anything ask yourself if you would do same thing with $5000 in the hand. If the person is not able to make reasonable decision after reading so simple statement, then this person should not have access to crypto at all.

Sorry but I wouldn’t entrust this kind of person with job or anything that can endanger other people.

We have driving licenses and other kind of licenses maybe someday there will be some kind of test/course/exam that you have to pass (for example on exchange) before you’re allowed to make any transaction.

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if you get acam from a bank you have protection in crypto you dont

Please enlighten me. Which bank will get you refund when you hand someone money from hand to hand? You clearly have no idea how cryptocurrencies work. Transactions are permanent and there is no central point where you can ask for a refund or reversal of transaction. Your only chance is when the target address is in some exchange (i.e. binance, coinbase, kraken etc.) then you can ask them for help. Other than this please go to your local police station and file a report.

As you said - from a bank. Then please go to the bank where you created your account and stop mixing words scam with Hoskinson or Ukraine. You’re not the only one who has fall for a scam. Even whales (or as you call them “rich”) make bad investment decisions.

What do you expect we should do?

For most people, the comparison is not to cash, but to bank transfers. And there you can reverse transactions in a lot of very plain fraud cases.

Everybody buying cryptocurrencies should have read the disclaimers that that is not possible, here, before even buying the first coins, but apparently not everybody did.

For parts of the founding communities of cryptocurrencies, being as independent and “free” as possible even was a key motivation for building that stuff in the first place. It is, of course, a corollary of that that there ideally are no driver’s licenses and nobody to complain to if you lose your coins.

But it seems that a larger share of today’s cryptocurrency communities are okay with some form of regulation, although the question, why they are then necessary and we cannot just use nice, regulated, centralised services with better user experience and a help desk instead, lingers around the corner.


I understand all this, but I think the “target group” here are adults. I would understand this if something like this happens to 13 year old kid, but we are talking here about people that are adult, put their 10 years savings or anything into crypto and behave like this is some kind of computer game.

I’m really sorry that he has lost his money. I really am. I just don’t know how we can help. Maybe if he can give as some details then we can maybe make some donations or we can find some other way that he can earn his money back (of course this will introduce another wave of scams “help me I have been scammed”).

At the moment all we know he saw some video and sent some ada. No address, no tx hash, nothing.

I’m also really sorry! … under the condition that we do not already see the latter, here. Lingering around here long enough makes you very vigilant.

And I also do not see, how we can help.

It is always meandering between “Wow, how could anybody do that?” and “Yeah, telling people ‘Do your own research!’ and ‘Code is law! You lost!’ is not very helpful and welcoming.”. :unamused:

Yeah, not welcoming. Sorry, I was triggered by the word Ukraine. Spending last days playing hide and seek with russian script kiddies, disinformation social accounts and doing normal work at the same time, makes you nervous and tired.

A common scam these days is to post you lost money on a crypto scam hoping that people will crowd fund you.

I mean if you did lose say $10,000 in a scam, go to the police. They can track the wallets and recover it, if the value is high enough. At some point it will need to pass into a wallet that’s on an exchange which should be linked to a person that has undergone KYC.

However expect most police just to say “Why did you do that?”.

Maybe one day all crpyto will pass through a kinds of escrow smart contract. Where both parties state what the transfer is for. And is reversible. Like recipient creates a contract that says “This transaction will payout double what is paid in within 10 minutes”. If it doesn’t then you get refunded, then it’s just a case of educating people not to do transfers without a contract around them.


Any bank has multiple ways to work agains fraud hacks and scams just becouse you are not in the situation you are on your power trip to feel so superior becuae maybe you didnt hear i open a link after charles hokinson was asking donations for ukraine is shame for people if you cant offer safety for small people you cant fotr big people o anyone

someone was asking donations for ukraine and i did the mistake

5000 i wish to have ever make that money in 10 years i save just enogh to maybe create a investment in something i belive i could create a change if there is no understanding for what a situation is you must check yourself on youtube i flag at least 6 to 10 videos already who keep launching after any streem about cardano