ADA scam empty my savings

improve security find way to punish people whales are making billions to create the new structure of monetary distubution thats how they took thw roll to make access to evry person and making a safe enviroment to make the investments long way to understand the power of crypto and the most important is the small people who are making nothing to survive not sure if you understan the message of what i happen and how to make a diference and contribution just to let you know this is the only way to tell any other cardano users yes is very complicated to understand crypto and maybe i will be a great idea in a very short future have carrers who can provie IDs or certificates to give the right information and no only the especulations of all youtube

just by the same way you are taking this and you mention charles and ukraine is the same way i got the message for the donation i can be the most simple mistake thw window for someone to take advantage to the worst

i know there is narco wars since i was born and before i was borne some times like now we lost all institutions when i found crypto i found one amaizing idea to create a fair way to access economy for people in extremly hard situationa thats why i wish this mistake i did help to ADA CARDANO TO UPDATE OR MAYBE FIND A SECURITY SMART CONTRACT ANTY SCAM i let you one example of what we live in my area all the time Aguililla: The Mexican town in the crossfires of a cartel war | Drugs News | Al Jazeera

Post transaction details here.

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So you first sent all your ADA to the scammer and when that did not work you doubled down and send ETH to some scam also. And from Binance… so even if it would have worked Binance would have got 2x ADA and ETH, not you. Sorry about the expensive course to crypto.

Dear, personally I have a simple idea and can be great for those like me who have had their “ada” stolen. Why not create a solidarity fund for all the victims of these scams? For my part I was fooled like you to the height of 6999 Ada.

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I see those scamming ads on Youtube all the time (until recently when I stopped paying for ads). I’ve sent messages to Youtube and to the content creators but nothing has been done about it. Youtube doesn’t care how many people get scammed as long as they get their ad revenue.


no human will care about it until the fot in the situation and as days go on more scams are build

Donations to Ukraine - YouTube this is the video i was watching so my donations went to maybe some terrorist selling nuclear wepons who knows

the same rules for not getting scammed in traditional finance apply to crypto… don’t send your money to random strangers on the internet.

pretty simple.

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Angels and Demons - YouTube one day can finish and another day to create yes i did a mistake once and never regret belive on cardano project

i am not perfect and at some point in your life can make a mistake

I think ultimately this is an honest mistake that can happen to a lot of good hearted individuals and one which seems to happen far too often due to a lack of knowledge. I’d like to urge everyone to quadruple check everything whether its traditional finance or crypto upon engaging in any transaction, regardless of the amount.

Unfortunately, scams will continue to exist in crypto much like they do with every other facet of finance. However, we can all play a part as a community to strengthen communal knowledge and arm everyone against these scams.

Terribly sorry again for your loss Fernando and I truly hope this doesn’t deter you from your participation in our community and the crypto industry in general.

I trust in the future you’ll be extra vigilant and hope you can use your experience to educate and guide others as well.

I am very sorry for your loss brother :pray::pray:. I too have been scammed when trying to purchase new token and also scammed when trying to buy shares and scammed from lottery and online casino ticket, also almosrlt scammed for tax issue. Unfortunately the scam happens everywhere, not only on cryptocurrency. However since it is new and many are still in the learning stage, and cryptocurrency is very attractive, many falls victim to this scam. Hopefully more people will read this and be extra cautious when roaming theough the crypto world :pray::pray:

Just investing in ADA alone over the last 6 months seems like a total scam. I dont think there is anything else that has nose dived over 70%. My baby could have probably thrown a dart and picked better. The biggest issue I have now is I dont think I have any confidence in HODLING either. Thinking of just cutting my losses which really pains me but this isnt peanuts.
What is the outlook for Cardano going forward as I am really struggling to see any light at present?!


The difference here is that if a traditional brokerage firm did a scam and YT broadcast it …
YT is conducting wire fraud and is a party to the crime.

YT is not screening or validating: They proclaim their “civic duty” to monitor, censure, and deny rights and privileges for some but not to others, based on their oh-so-holy community standards,

The problem here is No Trust and Anonymity: this is completely foreign (pun intended) to the American securities tradition, which relies on transparency, documentation, validated facts, accountability and serious legal consequences for abuse.

Admittedly I have no idea how to preserve Anonymity while also increasing Accountability.

any opinion helps to improve

I just lost 600000 ada on a scam. how can I get it back???

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600k ADA? OMG! u can’t… sorry for ur loss :sob: