ADA scam empty my savings

Ada is getting very cheap. You will be able to buy them back for 2-3 cents by december

i am very sorry i understand the frustration i beñive scams are going 1000% more often

more and more scams are up today looks like the last concern is security

CZ and so many they talk alot about decentralize economy to their personal pocket we have to bw realistic i have invest for 10 years and only can see a few making a centralize economy in a fee accounts binance Cz for example making to almost the 1st place on billionars

I hope you contacted your local law enforcement office for starters. I am sorry you lost so much.

is the bad part of crypto there is no decentralize authority and still a centralize human greed trap, now the worst rich people are getting and centralize crypto is the same the poor is always more poor and the rich is always more rich


I am truly sorry you fell for the “Free crypto” giveaway scam. But you are never going to be able to get on with your life if you don’t accept some level of responsibility and let it go, marking up the experience as a valuable lesson.

Wasn’t it a bit of greed that convinced you to override your better judgment and just send your hard earned money to a wallet address because of a YouTube video?

It’s been a month, and you are still mentally in the same place the day this happened. Again,I am sorry it happened to you. I hate that scammers can so readily exploit the naive and the, ehm, money-entusiastic folks out there. But crypto is only a new medium, the get rich quick scam has existed for millennia.

I hope you can come to terms with the loss, make peace with yourself, and try to learn from the experience.

In all sincerity, God bless you…


i was a huge mistake and to be honest following the video and the way the scam was poping from youtube and all the programers have the minimal care about users, crypto was mented to decentralize economy and now is worst centralize on who did the first coins reality is poor people are gonna get more poor and rich are getting more for exampleCz from binance has all the wins of any launch and dis billions is not a benefit i did the same on putting to the last cent in cardano maybe yes i was a another learning mistake on life to know how rotten humanity is this days

scams on crypto are going up and there is a very small care about how easy can take your money on just a single transaction by getting access to you device or account

how to get access to economy i was the main topic and idea to decentralize economy, when the reality some crypto they just centralize to have their own billions, anyways the universe i will pay back 15 years ago i really belive on the idea to create a change or small hope to users and their information and privacy

what a fraud is cryptoi lost my life savings and decebtralize de web is just a fake topic

is just another ponzi 10 years of belive in a empty project i jist finish with my bank acount empty Great work in scam all the poor people

yes i lost all my saving i belive all crypto now is a ponzy scam and decentralize economy is juat a huge dream i am already broke and with cero money

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, though I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune.

We are experiencing a downturn in the market, for sure. However, if you are interested, I have found work in the crypto space through Project Catalyst and collaborating with others in the space that are working on blockchain education and other topics.

If you’d ever like to explore some of that, I think there are some pretty great tutorials that the good people over at Bean Chain have posted. One is about becoming a Proposal Assessor for Project Catalyst, which can be a great place to start earning ADA. It is written by my friend, @Stephanie_King. It is the one that also references @lidonation

I wish you well!

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Thank you for your time.

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