I want to switch from Windows 10 to linux and keep my daedalus wallet

I’m currently in the process of switching from Windows 10 to mint linux. I have a daedalus wallet installed on my windows machine and am trying to make sure that I will still have access to my wallets after I make the switch.
My daedalus is paired with a ledger hardware wallet. I don’t remember getting a recovery seed when I paired the wallet. I’m trying to determine if I can simply install daedalus on a newly installed linux system and re-pair it with the ledger and have the same wallet or will I have to create a new wallet to send my cardano to and track the recovery phrase in order to keep my cardano.

Should be fine… if the funds are on ledger will be easy for u…

U are right - no seed words if the funds are on ledger

Install the daedalus for linux, choose PAIR and u should be able to see the funds via ledger